Fall Fling Organizing #1


fall-fling-logo-1During these fall months we will identify four household items and provide a brief tip about how to declutter that particular item. Each task will take you 10 minutes or less as you sort, evaluate and fling. You can do all the tasks for the month in under an hour, or you can spread them out and do one each week.  Join with us, and by the end of the season, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy a decluttered home. . (Want a weekly task reminder? Click here)

Pens, pencils, markers

pencilsThese necessary writing implements tend to multiply and get scattered throughout homes. Won’t it
be great to know that the next time you reach for a pen, it will be right there and actually has ink?

To do:

Gather all the pens, pencils and markers from throughout the house: kitchen, office, desk drawers, garage, craft room, backpacks, purses, and anyplace else they might be hiding. Sit down with a scrap of paper (could be done while watching your favorite TV show) and check to see if each one is functioning well and you like writing with it. If not, let it go. If they need sharpening, do so before you put them back. Think about how many you actually will use. You can save a few for future use but be reasonable about the amount and share your extras with a non-profit like SCRAP or a local art school.


sweater-dividerThe weather is changing here in the beautiful Northwest which means it’s time to bring out those warm sweaters.

To do:

It’s been a while since we’ve needed to use sweaters so before you reintroduce them to your wardrobe take time to ask yourself some questions about each sweater: Did I wear it last year? Did I enjoy wearing it? Is it in good condition? Does it go with other things in my wardrobe? Do I really need it? If you can answer yes to all then it is good to keep. Next consider the best way to store your sweater. Sweaters are usually best kept folded so they don’t stretch out. A deep drawer or closet shelves are great places to keep these bulky items. If storing on a shelf, think about adding upright dividers to support sweater stacks and keep them organized.

Throw blankets

blanketGet ready for when the temperature starts to drop and the rain is coming down by getting your throw blankets prepared.

To do:

Gather up all your throw blankets. Using a discerning eye determine if each one is in good condition (no stains or falling apart), comfortable to use (not scratchy or smelly), and fits your style (not embarrassed by it if left out). If you didn’t get a chance to launder them before putting them away, now would be a great time to do so. Consider how many throw blankets you actually need compared with the amount of available storage space. Store them close to where you use them whether it be in a storage ottoman, chest or nearby cabinet.

Shoes & dress boots

shoe-rackGoodbye flip-flops and sandals…hello shoes that keep your feet warm and dry.

To do:

Line up all your shoes that fit this category. You can save athletic shoes for another sorting time. Think about whether they are comfortable or make you cringe each time you slip them on. Consider if they match your present lifestyle (perhaps you no longer dress up or wear heels). Check the condition inside and out. Polish them before putting them in your closet. Donate shoes you no longer need to Dress for Success, Best Foot Forward or your local homeless shelter. Shoe racks, over the door shoe organizers or floor to ceiling shoe poles can help maximize your space and keep your shoes organized.

These are 4 short and easy tasks that can make a big difference in your home.  You can choose to do all 4 tasks at once or one each week; the most important thing is to get your fall fling started.

© 2016 Beth Giles

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