Fall Fling Organizing #2

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you might be anticipating visits from relatives or friends. Get ready for those guests by taking a few minutes each week to do an “organizing fling” of frequently used items. This month, we’re focusing on sheets, towels, serving platters, and games.  If you thoughtfully sort, evaluate, and store these items, you will be ready and able to enjoy your time with family and friends.


When was the last time you dug to the bottom of your linen closet? It’s probably has been a while, but with company coming, you’ll need to have it ready to go.

To do:

Pull out all the sheets and begin matching sets of flats, fitted and cases. Check each set for damage or wear and tear. Consider the size, style, and comfort of each to make sure it still meets your needs. Think about how many sets you actually need.  2 sets of sheets per bed are recommended, so one set can be laundered while the other is on the bed. Remember that an overstuffed linen closet makes it difficult to find what you are looking for and hard to maintain order.   If you have excess, consider donating these to a local shelter.

There are several ways you can keep the linen closet organized.  When putting the sheets back in a closet or cabinet, place the whole set inside the matching (inside out) pillow case. This makes them easy to stack and allows you to grab the whole set at one time. Stack sets by bed sizes, so you don’t have to figure out which is a twin or queen each time you change the sheets.


These come in so many varieties. There are bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, face towels and guest towels. With summer over and guests on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get them organized.

To do:

Pull out and group the towels by kind or by sets. Consider how many towels you actually use. Did you replace a worn out set of towels but never discard the older set? Have you redecorated and changed the color of towels you use but kept the old color? Animal shelters love to get towel donations even if they are worn out or in bad shape. Beach towels or towels used for the other purposes like drying the dog or mopping up spills may be stored somewhere else in the home if your linen closet seems too full.

platter-fall-flingServing platters

Food, and lots of it, is often a centerpiece of time spent together. This is when the seldom used serving dishes and platters come out.

To do:

Serving dishes tend to accumulate over time. Look over your platters and dishes and think about which ones you actually use. Do you really need as many as you have? Consider letting go of some that aren’t your favorites or that haven’t been used in a long time. It’s easier to have a few nice ones handy and ready to use than to dig through a huge stack that is deeply buried in a cabinet.

Puzzles and gamesgames

Playing games is a great activity to do with your guests.

To do:

Be ready to play by gathering the games all in one place.  Confirm the games have all the necessary parts and that they are in playing condition. As our interests, age, and family structure change, the kind of games we use or enjoy can change too. Don’t hang on to those you no longer play. Working on puzzles is another fun thing to do with guests. Get one started and encourage everyone to add a few pieces when they have time.  Be sure you store only full puzzles, so the activity can finish a complete success.

A few minutes each week and you will be ready to sit back and enjoy the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

© 2016 Beth Giles

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