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  Although you may not frequently move from one home to another, you may go through mini-moves within your living spaces. Perhaps a better term to describe it would be a transitioning.  There are a variety of housing transitions that can occur throughout our lives.  There might be a time…

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Fall Fling Organizing #2

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you might be anticipating visits from relatives or friends. Get ready for those guests by taking a few minutes each week to do an “organizing fling” of frequently used items. This month, we’re focusing on sheets, towels, serving platters, and games.  If you thoughtfully…

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Downsizing the decorations

The holidays are coming and soon we will be pulling out the decorations.  Items that stay packed away for most of the year will get their moment in the light.  But what does that have to do with downsizing or moving?  Well, when we think of downsizing our things, we…

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Fall Fling Organizing #1

  During these fall months we will identify four household items and provide a brief tip about how to declutter that particular item. Each task will take you 10 minutes or less as you sort, evaluate and fling. You can do all the tasks for the month in under an hour,…

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What is a Senior Move Manager?

I am often asked what exactly it means to be a Senior Move Manager®.  Simply put, a Senior Move Manager aids people in the moving and downsizing (reduction) of their possessions.  Moving or downsizing is a huge task. It can be stressful both emotionally and physically. There are so many…

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