Surviving the 12 Days of Christmas

12-days-of-christmasSo you are ready for holidays, but are you prepared for the things that come with it?

You probably know the “12 Days of Christmas” song and the many gifts the true love gives. Have you ever stopped to think what they did with all those gifts? There’d be no problem finding a place for the 5 gold rings (we’ve got 10 fingers), but where would you put 11 pipers or 6 geese?  Although you may not be expecting to get 3 French hens during your gift exchange this year, you will probably be receiving a variety gifts and looking for the right place to keep them all.

Perhaps this version of the “12 Days of (Organized) Christmas” can help start you in the right direction.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my grandma gave to me … 12 fluffy towels

(I’ll sort through the ones I already have and share the worn out ones with the animal shelter to make room.)

On the eleventh day of Christmas my daughter gave to me … 11 jars of spices

(I’ll use a tiered rack and keep the most frequently used ones accessible.)

On the tenth day of Christmas my first son gave to me … 10 pairs of socks

(I’ll add these to my collection, grouping by kind: sporty, dressy and trendy.)

On the ninth day of Christmas my sister gave to me … 9 frilly scarves

(I’ll check to see what coordinates with my clothing and store them close by.)

On the eighth day of Christmas my granddad gave to me … 8 pairs of gloves

(Who really needs 8 pairs of gloves? The homeless shelter would love my extras.)

On the seventh day of Christmas my cousin gave to me … 7 fancy baskets

(I’ll use them to store things I have like the extra fluffy towels, frilly scarves and gloves.)

On the sixth day of Christmas my great aunt gave to me … 6 china tchotchkes

(I’ll thank her for her thoughtfulness, select one to help remember her kindness and share the rest through donation.)

On the fifth day of Christmas my uncle gave to me … 5 leather journals

(I’ll keep one out in my office area for easy use and store the rest a bit farther away where they don’t take up my valuable desk space.)

On the fourth day of Christmas my young niece gave to me … 4 new board games

(I’ll keep the new games out, store others elsewhere, and rotate the selection regularly to keep interest high and to lessen the number of choices so it doesn’t overwhelm.)

On the third day of Christmas my neighbor gave to me … 3 garden shears

(I’ll keep them in the garage with my other garden supplies and near to the door where I go out to the garden.)

On the second day of Christmas my brother gave to me … 2 10 lb. dumbbells

(I’ll make sure they are not kept in the bedroom where the goal is relaxation, but I will store them where they can be available for daily use.)

On the first day of Christmas my husband gave to me … a year’s worth of organizing!!!

(I’ll keep reading my monthly organizing tips from NW Organizing Solutions with organizing ideas for each room of the house. I’ll give Beth a call to help bring order to my home and office, and make 2017 a year that is organized, efficient, and most of all enjoyable.)

© 2016 Beth Giles

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