#10 Make a plan

This month, we look at the first of 10 tips for de-stressing your move or downsize: Make a plan. Perhaps you have made the big decision to move or downsize your home. Maybe it’s just being considered as a possibility at this time and you want to start preparing yourself and your home for that transition. Either way, it is hard to know how to begin to get ready for a large task like moving. It can seem overwhelming. You may not know exactly what you need to do to be ready, so it can feel like it’s too big to handle. Below are a few tips to help you create a plan and to make sure you are ready when the big day arrives.

1. Make some key decisions.

Ask yourself how much of the moving process you want to do yourself. Will you hire movers to just do the moving or will they do the packing also? Will you seek the assistance of a move manager, like myself, to oversee the process and ease the stress of preparation as well as help to get set up after the move? Evaluate whether you will need to downsize. How much will you need to decrease? Will you be placing additional items into storage?

2. Create a timeline for your actions.

Start from your moving date and work backwards to outline the actions that need to be done before the move and their ideal dates for completion. Some of these actions may involve emotional decisions or require input or information from others, so be sure to allow sufficient time. Other tasks may be physically stressful and push your limitations, so plan accordingly. The content of your timeline will vary based on the results of the key decisions above. A timeline might include things like time to get estimates from several movers, time to sort through your possessions, time to look into resources available at your new location, time to say goodbye to those who live close by, and time to prepare change of address notifications.

3. Designate a notebook to hold all your moving information.

Moving time can be busy, so it is helpful to reduce the need to remember all the details. Using a single notebook, write out the necessary upcoming tasks, record various details you want to remember, and jot down your thoughts or questions as you think of them. Create a list of all your “to do” items so nothing gets forgotten or left until last minute. Use this notebook to store the mover’s contact information and the materials gathered about the various aspects of your move. List the dimensions or features of your new place to help you make furniture decisions. Keep this fact-filled notebook handy and ready for easy reference.

Creating a moving plan will ease the stress of your moving preparation and enable you to be ready for the big day.

Coming next month…#9 Start Early!

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