#2 Prepare for Moving Day

It’s just around the corner: the move to your new home. You have been working hard to prepare for the big event. You have created a floor plan and figured out exactly what will fit in your new space. You have sorted through your possessions and even decided to let some go. You have saved some of your memories in creative ways and notified all your contacts of your address change. You may not feel like it, but you are almost ready to move.

There’s just one more step: prepare for moving day. There are a few final things that you can do to make it a much smoother experience.
• Pack a suitcase. Plan and pack as if you were going away for a few days. Even if you are only traveling a short distance, it is helpful to have some basics within easy reach. This should include some clothing, toiletries, and necessary medicines. For the first few days, you can simply open your suitcase to find what you need instead of digging through various boxes.
• Set aside a “Do Not Pack” pile. Whether you are moving yourself or having someone else pack and move you there are several things to keep aside. These items will travel with you rather than the movers. The pile should include things like your jewelry, checkbook, electronics like cell phone & charger, and your packed suitcase.
• Create an “Essentials” box. Sometimes this box is called a “Last-First” box because it will be the last box packed and the first one unpacked. Make sure your movers know to keep this box within reach. It should contain items that need to be easily accessible at both ends of your move. This box might include supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, paper and pen, trash bags, a first aid kit, scissors, a phone book, snacks, a towel, bedding, and a tea or coffee pot. Imagine how thankful you will be to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or to dry your hands before opening any of the other boxes.
• Know what your role is on moving day. The movers will be doing the heavy lifting, but you have work to do too. You may be involved in tasks like accounting for each box as they are brought into your new place, informing the movers of the exact placement of furniture pieces using your prepared floor plan, signing paper work, and being prepared with the right form of payment. Be ready to be part of the moving process or enlist someone else to be there to help. This is where a move manager can be of great assistance.

By being prepared you will make your moving day a wonderful start to life in your new home.

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