#3 Stay in touch

Moving is a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved in different organizations. However, moving away doesn’t mean you cannot stay in touch with all the friends and contacts that you already have. Taking time to notify them of your new address and contact information is an important part of the moving process.

It’s great to start informing people and places in advance to ensure you continue to get your correspondence and service. It used to be there were just a few people and companies you needed to inform about your move and the standard change of address postcards would be the appropriate tool. Today’s technology has simplified this process in some ways but complicated it in others. These days there are many more places that need to be notified of your relocation but many can be notified electronically. It may be as simple as sending an email to friends and family, but letting publications, utilities and businesses know may require a more formal effort. Some will require you to sign in to your accounts and complete their specific change of address form.

Below is a list to get you started thinking about the places that may need to be notified.

• Personal: family, neighbors, friends, employer
• Utilities: phone, internet, cable, water, gas, garbage, electric
• Household: mail, housecleaning, lawn care, pool maintenance, health club
• Financial: banks & financial institutions, credit card companies, previous employers & pension programs
• Professional services: doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer broker, insurance, school
• Publications: newspaper, magazine, newsletters, professional journals, associations
• Government: Social Security, Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Moving doesn’t mean you need to lose touch. Create your own list of places to notify and aim to keep the lines of communication open.

Coming next month… #2 Prepare for moving day
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