#9 Start Early

Last month, we considered how making a plan will help to reduce the stress of the downsizing and moving process. Once you’ve formulated your plan, the next piece of advice is to begin the preparation process with plenty of time before actual move date. It has taken years to accumulate the treasures you have stored in your home so, if you can, allow yourself a few months to sort through it all.

  1. Allow enough time –

    It will take time to sort through the things you own, evaluate their importance based on your new stage of life or location, and then make a decision about whether to keep them or find a new home for them. This process can be physically, emotionally and mentally tiring. There are memories and emotions tied to many of the things we hold on to. That’s often where the majority of their value lies. Beginning this process far enough in advance will allow you time to take the breaks needed without exhausting your body or your brain. It will also prevent rushed decisions which you might later regret. The pressure of a fast approaching deadline can hinder your brain from thinking clearly and often can lead to poor choices. Making yourself hurry through this process can also cause confusion, taking away time you need to think about the importance of a particular item, if you have another item like it, or if you really need the item.

  2. Focus on “storage” areas –

    There are several areas of our homes where we tend to accumulate items that are not used very often. These storage areas may include the attic, garage, basement, or even the back of closets or cabinets. It is best to start working on these areas first. They are often out of the main flow of your home so will be less disruptive to your everyday routines. Work can be left “in progress” rather than having to put it all away in order to continue on without it encroaching on life. Items stored in these areas are often easier to sort through because they are less frequently used and often less important. You may come across items where you want to find a way to preserve the memory connected with the item, but not the item itself. Working through these items first affords you time to come up with creative ways to save those memories.

Starting the downsizing and moving process early reduces stress and makes for better decisions that not only affect your preparation progress but the quality of your life after the transition.

Coming next month…# 8 Break it into smaller tasks

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