A Colorful Move

Color coding helps moving go smoothly

Downsizing or moving will require you to make many decisions. There will be decisions about what you will keep, what you will give to your children or sell, where you will place things in your new home, and much more. After you’ve made these decisions, you will have the second challenging task of remembering what you’ve decided. With so much in flux, how can you keep track of everything? The solution: Color Coding.  Color coding items is a great way to remind yourself and others of the decisions you have made, and it can be as simple as attaching a self-adhesive dot or label.

There are several ways to use a color coding system:

*To help you sort through your things without having to remove needed possessions. Color coding is especially helpful when downsizing because the downsizing process usually happens over a period of time. You may decide one day to give a valued possession to a family member or select a place to donate it. However, it can’t be removed yet because it may be needed up until moving day. Decisions can be made in advance about various items, and then you can wait until the end of the process to actually remove the items from your home.

*To indicate decisions made about each item, those you will keep and those you will share with others. For example, you can use green stickers on items to indicate that they will go to your new home while red ones can mean they find a new home somewhere else. You can take this a step farther and introduce additional colors if your hand-offs are going to more than one place. Instead of just using a red sticker, you can choose to make red indicate that it will go to a family member, yellow to show that you’re going to sell it, and blue to signify an item for donation.

*To designate where specific boxes should be placed in your new home. Often your new home will have a different layout than your present home. Instead of labeling boxes based on the room it comes from, use color coding to indicate the room it’s going to. For instance, your present home may have a library, but your new home will not. The things from your present library will most likely be split into other rooms throughout your new place. If you assign a color code to each room in your new home, and then stick the appropriate color coded stickers to the boxes from the library, you can make sure they will end up in the right place at your final destination.

*To help movers do a more accurate estimate during a downsizing move. When movers are called in, it can be confusing for them to know how much of your current possessions they will be actually moving. Often the home is still full because “give away” items may be in use right up until move time. Sharing your color code with them will enable them to clearly see what they should or shouldn’t include in the estimate. 

Make your next move colorful by using a system that will enable you and those helping you to prevent frustration and speed along the whole process. 
© 2020 Beth Giles


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