“Expert Guide to Home Organizing” – Contributing Author

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The Expert Guide to Home Organizing brings together 12 organizational experts to discuss both the emotional and practical aspects of home organization, so that you can create time, space, and energy for what’s important to you.

“What Is Organizing?,” a thoughtful overview by Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions, is the first of the 12 chapters.

Got Clutter? by DeAnna Radaj of DeAnna on Design applies feng shui philosophy to the nemesis of neatness.

Your Digital Home by Elizabeth Dodson of Home Zada teaches you how to organize and manage your home’s digital info to help you save money, maintain your home’s value, and prepare for the unexpected. Several chapters focus on particular problem areas of home organizing, including kids’ spaces, memorabilia, storage spaces, laundry, and mail.

Finally, in Tag Sale Away the Mess, Leslie Jacobs of Les Mess shows you how to make money from your eliminated clutter.

Other organizing masters contributing to this book are Seana Turner of The Seana Method, Julia Stobbe of Mind over Clutter, Amy Volk of Simplified Living Today, Stacey Erickson of Home Key Organization,Bonnie Dewkitt of The Joyful Organizer, Jennifer Snyder of Neat as a Pin, Joanna Monahan of Major Mom, and Robyn Reynolds of Organize2Harmonize.

“This is a concise book on organizing the objects and spaces in a home. It can be read in a single sitting and is written in a straightforward, folksy style that feels like listening to a friend offering advice,” says reviewer O. Barnack. “Each chapter includes links to other sources of expert advice. While the book focuses on organizing the home, the practical advice it provides is applicable in other domains as well.”

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