Professional Organizer in Portland – Here’s what they’re saying…

“Not a day goes by without my smiling quietly several times in gratitude to Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions. Beth is a professional organizer / senior move manager. We moved into a 1500 square foot condo in Portland after living for 32 years in a large home in New Jersey with six bedrooms, three attic spaces, a full basement and a two car garage. The condo was a canyon of boxes. Closet space was minimal. I was overwhelmed. Beth was not. She was able to prioritize the unpacking and visualize a solution to the storage problem. Step by step, one piece at a time, we worked together. Now when I reach for a dish, a pot, a dress, a vase, the laundry soap, the extra towels — anything — I experience a wonder of organization.

We had to have shelves and cabinets and bookcases and a desk built by a closet company to accommodate everything. During the planning and construction Beth was creative and proactive. I truly believe that the final result would not be as satisfying as it is without her input, her imagination, and her ability to work cooperatively with the closet designer. What would have been torturous for me became a joy. Together we measured out how many inches of book shelving, how many dresser drawers, what size filing cabinets, etc. we would need. Now everything has a place and the condo looks peaceful. Beth also helped me sort out what we really did not need, determined where it could be donated, and delivered things to various charities. She was flexible in scheduling, arrived on time for every appointment, and wasted not one minute while here. I was continually amazed at how much got done in one of our sessions. I recommend Beth Giles without reservation to anyone who is moving in or out of a home or who needs organizing in their present home. She is truly professional and truly an organizer.” K. T. Portland

“When we decided to rent a fully furnished house from some friends for a year, we had a huge challenge to combine two houses full of furnishings and ‘stuff’. After tripping over unused items and constantly rearranging to make room for all our furniture and baby gear for over a month, Beth was a godsend! She helped me pack unneeded items, organize and make space to store items we would need to use and most amazingly meld two households worth of furniture to maximize space and make areas we could actually live in. She helped me make the most of our space and regain order and control in the house. Just coming down to a de-cluttered kitchen and living room each morning makes me feel that much better as I start my day!” A. C. Portland

“Your services were excellent. You did exactly what you said you would do & you were on time and extremely efficient & hardworking! Considering the emotional pain I was experiencing, you made a tough job become a positive growing experience!” J. W. The Dalles

professional-organizer-portland-testimonialMy daughter hasn’t taken the smile off her face. She said, ‘I left with a pig sty and come home to a beautiful room’. She is just thrilled. Right now, she is sitting in her reading corner reading and her brother is on her bed playing with his Nintendo. Never has he gone in her room like that before. She has gone to his, but they haven’t been able to be in hers!!!!!” J. O. Portland

“I can’t say enough about the help and support Beth gave me after my Mom had a stroke! I didn’t know where to start. Mom was moving from her own condo into assisted living. This was hard for everyone involved. Beth took time to talk to me about what I thought Mom would need in her new apartment. I could have been overwhelmed but Beth took charge! She relieved me of having to make too many decisions. Beth was my “Mom,” in a time of need.

The move went smoothly and, best of all, I didn’t have to do anything except take care of my “Mom.” The packing was done in a very professional manner. Everything was labeled and organized. I can’t say enough! Because this move came so suddenly we did not have enough time to choose the right apartment. So…. after another move, unfortunately, not with Beth, Mom had the right apartment! A month later, I asked Beth if she would return to Mom’s “new home “, and help her with some of the finishing touches. Beth, you were there for me. Thank-you, D. A. Lake Oswego

We can’t thank you enough.  You have turned this house into a very livable happy space we both can enjoy.  I have to tell you I didn’t think it was possible.  I am so impressed with what you have accomplished here, I wish you would stay forever.

Thank you for your professionalism and hard work.  You worked tirelessly and I know we would not have been able to do this on our own. The amount of “stuff” we have was overwhelming.  I still don’t understand how you managed to tame it. E.H. Portland, OR

Even just a couple of hours spent with Beth would have helped to set me on the right course for getting my home and possessions in livable order, but I had the luxury of working with her over a number of 3-hour sessions twice a week.

Beth has a friendly style, but she never let us waste time with idle chatter – she is a model of efficiency. We accomplished so much – from space planning to off-loading of unwanted items – every time she appeared. Sometimes in the past, the thought of driving around town to donate or recycle unwanted items was enough to keep the pile expanding in the corners for years. Beth understands this problem, and at the end of each session, she loaded her car and took away the stuff I didn’t want. Next time I saw her, she gave me receipts for the donated items, so I could take the tax donations for them.

The reorganization of all my sewing gear, which had been aimlessly scattered in different rooms, got re-housed in useable space that we opened up in one room. The space left over in the room where the sewing supplies had been became the site for my art materials. It seemed like magic. It’s truly a gift to have someone of superior organizational ability working on your behalf. If disorganization and too many possessions are blocking your way to a clear pathway through life, Beth can help you find the reward of clarity. S.B. Portland, OR

I moved from a 3 bedroom home in California and even though I got rid of a lot of stuff, I ended up with a large pile of boxes in the middle of my living room that I didn’t know what to do with.  I didn’t want to give it away.  I never thought I needed an organizer but Beth is a lifesaver.  She came in here and worked miracles.  My home looks like a home now.  I have been living with boxes for a while and didn’t think there was anything I could do about it.  I just wanted a normal looking home, box-free.  I got so much more. C.W. Portland, OR

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