Bedrooms require intentional organizing

All rooms require planning and deliberate actions when organizing, but the bedroom requires special attention if it is going to fulfill its true purpose: serenity. Most people want their bedroom to be a sanctuary, a peaceful place they can escape at the end of the day. It is their retreat away from a busy life which is represented in the other rooms of the house. This atmosphere can only be established through thoughtful consideration of the purpose of your bedroom, the items that you allow to enter the space and the furniture you fill it with.

Be intentional about:

Purpose – What is your vision for the room? Your answer should not be based on the things you have in the room currently but rather the ideal you’d like your bedroom space to be. Once you have clarified your goals for the room, you’ll be able to consciously begin the organizing process.

Base each organizing decision on your vision. Begin by sorting through and evaluating items in the room against your goals. If you are longing for calm but are haunted by work on a desk or bills on top of your dresser, these items should not be in your space. Perhaps you envision a private area just for you, but the room houses the exercise equipment that the kids like to use. The secluded feeling you desire will be impossible without eliminating these items. Your definition of the room’s purpose drives these actions and decisions.

Items– What things should enter your room? You have intentionally taken time to think through what you want from your bedroom space and cleared the items that do not match up. Now it’s time to consider what additional things should be included in the space.

Are there items that fit your vision that are not in your bedroom already? Maybe your bedroom is where your creativity is stimulated and you’d like to have your writing supplies at hand. You might have a particular piece of art hanging in an underused room that would foster your vision if displayed in your bedroom.

Be aware that bedrooms tend to accumulate miscellaneous items from all over the house. Stop the incoming creep before it happens by placing a basket or bin outside your bedroom door to collect “invaders”. This will prevent extra items entering and will help preserve your serene space.

Furniture – How can you best use furniture to help your bedroom reach its potential? Choose furniture pieces and accessories based on your vision. If you like to read in your bedroom, be sure to have a chair to sit in or a comfortable headboard to lean against. Your vision might include a light and airy feel but that is hard to achieve when your space is crowded with many heavy pieces of furniture. Try deleting a few pieces to create a more open setting.

Find ways to incorporate storage into furniture pieces. Create a calmer atmosphere by placing supplies in containers to keep them organized and out of sight. Store out of season clothing or linens in storage containers under the bed. Use a night stand with drawers to hold things like reading glasses, writing paper and a pen. If you need to have paperwork or a computer in the bedroom, hide it in an armoire.

No matter what you choose as your goals or vision for your bedroom, remember to be intentional with your organizing. Take time to purposefully think through everything that you allow to stay in your bedroom space, items you choose to add to it, and the furniture pieces there. Then sit back and enjoy your relaxing, organized bedroom!

© 2022 Beth Giles

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