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What will fit into your new home? 

“You can’t fit a gallon of water into a quart size jar!”   This insightful statement also applies to the furniture and belongings we hope to fit into our homes when we downsize. No matter how hard we push, shove or squeeze we probably can’t fit everything from our larger…

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Move into a New Way of Thinking

A household move often involves a new start, a new area to explore, new friends and perhaps even new activities. If the move involves downsizing to a smaller place, it may also involve a new way of thinking.  Before the move, it is important to begin imagining your new daily…

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“Moving?” – Verb or Adjective

Mov-ing: verb – to go from one place to another. Mov-ing: adjective – stirring deeply in a way that evokes strong emotional response What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions they will be “moving”? Usually it’s the hassle of packing all the boxes, the big moving…

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T’was the Week Before Christmas

T’was the week before Christmas, when all through the houseNot an item was left out, not even a blouse,The boxes were packed by NW Organizing with care,In hopes that the movers soon would be there. The homeowners were celebrating the new life they’d find,While visions of their new place danced…

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Downsizing Hurdles -Doing it together

Last month we looked at how it can be difficult to go through the downsizing process alone. However, sometimes it can be just as difficult to do it with someone else. Often one person may be eager to jump in and tackle the project while another is hesitant to join…

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