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Accessible in April

The month of April automatically brings to mind the preparation and filing of taxes. This can be a stressful process, made even worse if you have to struggle to find the needed tax documents. Not being able to locate certain documents or receipts can even prevent you from getting the most…

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The Home Office

We all know that the home office can present an organizing challenge. No matter how hard you might try, it seems like there are always obstacles. Several of the common trouble spots are the piles of paper, the accumulation of receipts, the disappearance of usable desk surface and the never…

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The influx of papers

Whether you have kids returning to school, a busy upcoming fall schedule, or just the daily collection of incoming mail, the papers that come into your home can get overwhelming. Setting up a very simple processing system using these easy steps can help you deal with paper overload and ease…

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Spring Fling #3 – Organize your home office

Spring can bring a mix of weather: warm one day yet cold the next, sunny now and pouring rain tomorrow. It may seem random and wild. Unfortunately, our papers and home office often resemble the spring weather…a bit scrambled. During our spring fling, we are identifying 4 household items and…

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Organizing Important Documents

Whether you anticipate moving or downsizing in the future or not, having your important documents together and accessible is so important. Here is a great article by Claudia Rumwell, RN, Senior Care Consultant; Author, Senior Care Organizer to help you make sure you have them ready. Are Your Ducks in a…

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