Coming clean with organization…Bathroom organizing

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your house, but it is also one that gets the biggest use. It stores a variety of items from cleaning products and linens to medicines and personal care items. How can you make a tiny bathroom hold all these things and still not collapse in clutter?

Here are some organizing ideas to help make your limited space work for you.

Counter tops – Clear the counter of items that are used infrequently and of containers that will collect dust or be splattered. Keep only the bare minimum out. This will not only be helpful in making cleaning time easier but will protect your items from damage.

Drawers – Insert drawer dividers or divided trays to help organize cosmetics, hair supplies, or medical products. Assign sections of the dividers to hold specific items – your lipsticks in one, eye makeup in another, and so on. As you sort through your makeup, be sure to throw out old items as they can develop bacteria over time.

Over the Toilet – Make the best use of your vertical space by installing shelving or cabinets above the toilet. They can be free standing or attached to the wall. This is a great place to store paper goods or extra towels.

Medicine Cabinet – Check the dates on all medicines and discard the expired ones. Create a shopping list of the ones you remove so you won’t be caught without. Get rid of all prescriptions that are no longer needed. Many pharmacies will take back old prescriptions and dispose of them properly (for additional information click here-FDA). Clearing and creating additional space here will allow you to move some of the counter top items out of sight.

Under the sink – Utilize this often wasted storage area by adding pull out shelving or bins. Choose clear or open bins that allow you to see the contents easily. Gels and other hair products can be stored in one of these bins so the whole bin can be removed when items are used and then easily returned below.

In the shower – Condense and limit the bottles of soap and shampoo. A wall mounted shelf or liquid dispenser can be helpful in organizing or eliminating these bottles. Donate extra or undesired toiletries to homeless shelters.

Towels – Keep clean towels in the bathroom or as close to it as possible. Add over-the-door towel racks or attach coat hooks to the wall to create additional hanging space for towels.

Cabinets – Use the back of cabinet doors for extra storage space. Install hooks or shallow bins to the inside of the doors to hold items like your hair dryer or curling iron.

No matter if you have a large bathroom suite or one as small as a closet, organizing your space will make keeping both you and your bathroom clean much easier.
© Beth Giles

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