Conquering your closet

Your closet may be the smallest “room”, yet it contains the most individual items. You want it to function well, with convenient access to items and stress-free use. Here are a few CLOSET tips to tackle the space and help you reach that goal.

Clear out – Take everything out of your closet, so you can begin with a clean slate. As you consider each piece of clothing, ask yourself the following questions. Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last year? Do I really like it? Is it in good condition? Is it in style? Do I really need it? Is it different from other pieces I am keeping? If you cannot answer yes, with certainty, to each of these questions, then it’s probably time to say good bye to that particular piece of clothing. If you are still hesitant to get rid of a few items, place them in a box, tape it shut, and mark it with a date 6 months out. If the box is still sealed in 6 months, leave it unopened and donate it to your favorite charity.

Let it go- There are many people and places that can benefit from your discards. Consider donating your items to Dress for Success or your local shelters. If you want your castoffs to benefit your wallet or closet, take your clothing to a consignment shop or schedule a clothing swap party with your friends.

Organize – Now that you know what will be going back into your closet, sort them by clothing type. A few possible categories are shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses. Within each category you may want to specialize a bit more, arranging them according to additional characteristic such as color or sleeve length.

Step up the amount of space –Several ways exist to create more space in your closet. An over the door shoe organizer can act as storage for more than just shoes. Placing all long hanging items in one area and short hanging items in another allows shelving or bins to fit under the shorter items. Double your hanging space by purchasing a secondary rod that hangs from the main rod.

Expose your closet – For your closet to function well, all your clothing should be easily visible. If your closet has sliding doors, consider replacing them with bi-fold doors to make the whole closet visible at one time. A battery operated “tap” light installed inside the closet can help you see the items in the darker areas of your space.

Think “One in, One out” – You have probably heard this many times, but it is very true. If you want to maintain an organized and clutter-free closet, remember that when you buy something new, something old must leave to create space for it.

Following these tips will help you have an organized closet that will serve you well throughout the year. 

 © 2020 Beth Giles

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