Consignment sales

Have you been busy making decisions during quarantine? Have you decided that you no longer need some of the items in your home? Do you want to downsize or move? You may be able to sell the things you no longer want. Nowadays, with social distancing, you probably do not want people coming to your home to buy them, so consignment is a great option.

Some of the benefits of consigning your items are:

* With consignment you can sell one piece or one thousand pieces. Estate Sales generally require a larger volume of items. Many people who are downsizing do not meet this threshold. ( March Newsletter – Estate Sales)
* Items can be removed from your home quickly. This allows you to start your move process or remodel project sooner.
* With consignment, you have a longer selling period which means you don’t have to sell everything in one weekend. With more selling time, more people can view your items than at a garage or estate sale.
* Items sold through consignment offer more flexibility in timing and are not affected as much by seasonal or weather issues.
* Consignment shops are open weekdays as well as weekends, offering a wider range of time for buyers to shop.
* You may have great items to sell but may live in an area that is not favorable to selling your specific things. Bringing them to a consignment shop can give you access to buyers that might not be in your area.

The consignment process starts when the consignee reviews the items you have to sell. This review maybe in person or through emailed photos. Once your items are approved, you can transport them to the consignment shop. (Some consignments shops can arrange transportation.) Next the consignment shop will inventory and price your items. Once the items are tagged, they are put up for sale in the showroom and often online.

Most of the items will sell in 30 to 60 days. The prices may be lowered after a period of time depending on the demand. Consignment shops typically charge a percentage commission, varying from 35 – 65% depending on the company. Clients are paid after items have sold.

There are a variety of stores that offer consignment sales. Look for one that offers the right combination of services to suit your needs and specific items.
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