Downsizing Hurdles – Sentiments

Homes are designed to house not only you and the ones you love, but the things that you value and enjoy. When you downsize or right size you often need to let go of some things. There are some you can let go of without much thought, but when it comes to those with sentimental value or ones that reflect part of your life history it can be hard to say goodbye to them. This can be a real hurdle stopping you on your way to downsizing. The good news is there are ways to preserve the precious sentiments and cherished memories that are associated with your keepsakes without keeping the actual item itself.

Conquer the sentiment and treasure hurdle by considering these ways to capture your story and life reflections without holding onto all of the possessions.

  • Special collections – Treasures and heritage pieces like teacups, dolls or children’s artwork can be photographed and either displayed on the wall or used to create a beautiful photo book. This may be done by simply creating a traditional paper photo album or by using the services of companies like Shutterfly, Costco, Target, or Walgreens to make a professional looking “coffee table” book. This is a great project to do with your kids or grandkids. They enjoy working on the computer and it gives you a chance to share the memories with them.
  • Textiles – Swatches of your favorite t-shirts or tea towels can be cut apart to display the “logo” and made into a quilt. If you want to sew it yourself, check out these easy instructions or look for a business near you that provides this service.
  • Furniture or décor – Heirlooms handed down through the generations as well as special art and decorations can be photographed and displayed as smaller artwork. Invest in a great frame and it will become a special piece of art. Record the history and special meaning on the back so it can continue on to the next generation.
  • Nostalgic Items – Special medals, invitations, or swatches of a uniform or letterman jacket can be displayed in a shadow box which requires only a small amount of wall space to exhibit. Shadow boxes enable you to preserve your memories and objects in a variety of ways. To start thinking about how this would work for your possessions, check online or visit your local framing or craft store to see their suggestions.
  • Photos – They remind us of loved ones and important events. Photos can be scanned and stored electronically. They can be displayed on a digital frame that cycles through your pictures, allowing you to view them often rather than hiding them away in boxes. You can do this yourself or seek out a business to convert them to digital form.

Remember: The value of an object may not be the item itself but rather the response it elicits. Strive to find a way to encompass the sentiment and let go of the object.

© 2021 Beth Giles

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