Downsizing Hurdles – Questions

There are so many questions that need answers when you are downsizing. These questions often become huge hurdles along the way, tripping you up and making the process harder if not stopping you completely.

Knowing the right questions to ask and limiting the number of questions can help you find those answers more easily and enable you to leap forward.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Will it fit?

When you are downsizing, you are often moving to a smaller space. Simply considering the size of your new space can help you decide what to hold on to.

-Do the math. If your present space is 2,000 square feet and you are moving into a 1,000 square foot space, you will only be able to fit about half of what you currently have. 

-Visualize the space. A floor plan is a great tool to help figure out what large items will fit in your new space. For smaller items, count the number of cabinets and closets in your new space and use that as a guide. Move the items you are keeping to that number of cabinets and closets in your old home, approximating their fit in your new space.

Will it be useful?

When you have more space, you tend to keep some unnecessary items around. That’s fine because you have available space, but when space becomes limited you need to consider if the things you have are useful.

-Delete duplicates or substitutions. Duplicates are easy to let go of, but you should also consider if you have different items that can serve a similar purpose. Can you use another item as a substitute? A sofa bed for a guest bed or a frying pan for a wok?

-Select what fits your life now. Life changes and so do the things we need to have in our homes. Evaluate if your belongings match your current needs. If you are no longer gardening, you do not need gardening tools. If you have only two beds, there is no need to keep six sets of sheets.

Is it a treasure?

Homes are designed to hold the things you enjoy and value. When downsizing you need to be thoughtful about what you like most and what is of greatest importance to keep.

-Choose the best. Don’t keep things just because you own them, and they are okay. Choose what you like most, what works best, and what serves you well. You may have a whole wall of art but perhaps a special one in the collection stands out as your favorite.

-Be selective with sentimental items. There are things we hold on to for their associated emotional value. Often several items can invoke the same sentiments. Be choosy about which ones you keep. Next month we will look at the hurdle of saving the memories without keeping the physical item.

Overcome your “Questions” hurdle by using these few questions as your guide. You’ll find they will make the road to downsizing much smoother.

© 2021 Beth Giles    

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