Estate Sales

You may have seen an estate sale in your neighborhood, heard about them from friends or read about them happening online or in the paper, but what exactly are they and when would someone have one.

Estate sales are a means of selling household items that are left behind when someone downsizes to a smaller home and can’t take everything they own with them. Left over furniture, housewares, tools, clothing, collectibles, and knick knacks can all be sold at a sale after the resident has moved. It is different from a garage sale in that instead of doing all the work to prepare and hold the sale yourself, an estate sale professional is hired to do so, and you still receive money from the sale of your household things.

Most estate sale companies usually provide the following services:
• Prepare items for sale, which may involve cleaning or even minor repair
• Set up, arrange, and display items to maximize their appeal to the buyer
• Research items to assure proper pricing
• Advertise the sale by various means such as newspaper, email, online or phone calls
• Conduct the sale. This can be open to the general public or by invitation only
• Dispose of items that don’t sell according to the clients wishes

Estate sale companies generally charge a commission on the gross sales. They offer a free initial consultation to see if an estate sale is right for you and your belongings. If there is not enough sellable items to cover the cost of preparing and holding the sale they may suggest other ways to let go of your household items. There are many different estate sale companies in business so be sure to check their references, see what services their contract includes, and compare their commission charges.

If you find yourself with a houseful of items that you no longer need, consider hiring an estate sale professional to help.

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