Fresh Start

The beginning of each new year is a fresh start, a time to reevaluate and to make changes. The downsizing or moving process is also a natural time to reflect on what is in your life, whether it be activities or possessions. It is a time to make changes to realign your life with your priorities.

Defining your goals and priorities is one of the essential steps in downsizing, for it will simplify the many decisions you make throughout this transition time. What do you value? What are you looking forward to? Why are you moving? Is it less maintenance on your home, a lower cost of living, proximity to family, or the freedom and time to follow your dreams? No matter what your answers are, knowing what is important to you will help you through the downsizing process.

As you sort through the years of accumulated possessions, ask yourself if keeping each item will help you reach your goal or hold you back from it. Remember that every possession we have comes with a price, such as the valuable space in your home, the time to take care of them, and even the financial cost of maintenance or replacement. Perhaps the greater cost is what it might be keeping you from. Deciding to keep your beautiful 50 tea cup collection that needs to be dusted regularly can prevent you from having the time to visit with friends or start that new hobby you always dreamed of. Holding onto the books you have saved for years can take up one whole wall in your smaller home, making it too crowded to relax, read or even watch TV.

Throughout the process of moving or removing your items, remember to always keep the bigger picture in mind. Make your new start fit what you value and where you are going, not just where you have been.

© 2020 Beth Giles

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