Garage Tune-up

Most garages these days hold much more than just our cars. Some are so full that they can’t even hold a car at all! With so many different purposes for this space, it is often hard to set up and keep organized. Careful planning will help you make this area work for your needs and be easier to maintain.

There are several things to consider when setting up a well functioning garage:

Divide your space into zones – As you work your way through the items in your garage, begin to group them by the activity they are used for. Some possible groupings may be: gardening, auto, painting, hobby, and sports.

Once you have gathered all similar equipment and supplies together, identify the best place in your garage to store them. Think about where they are often used. For example, if you have a side door that leads to the garden, locate your gardening tools close to that door. That area becomes your gardening zone, and from now on, all items related to gardening will live in that space. Taking time to set up a floor plan of well thought out zones will allow you to know exactly where your items are, making them readily available and helping you maintain the space.

Consider how often you will be using each object. Easily accessible space should be used for the items that are used frequently. Perhaps you have camping equipment that is used just once or twice a year. If so, create its zone in an area that may require a little more effort to access and save the more readily available space for items used on a regular basis.

Use appropriate storage – The items in your garage come in many different shapes and sizes. There are a variety of products on the market to help you contain them, but you don’t need to buy all the newest ones to make your garage organized. Using items you have around your home or purchasing simpler products can accomplish the same goal.

A few items that can be a great help for organizing in the garage are shelving, cabinets, pegboard, and racks. Don’t forget about the unused space located above your head. Odd shaped or larger items are best stored hanging up. Often bicycles, camping equipment, and seasonal items can be kept on a shelf mounted from the ceiling. There is limited floor space in the garage, so be sure to make good use of the wall space.

As you are evaluating storage containers, consider the environment in your garage. Most garages are not climate controlled and can experience extreme temperature and moisture. Plastic containers will keep their contents safer than cardboard, and resin or metal shelving will withstand the environment longer.

Take time this summer to make your garage an organized space that is functional and easy to maintain.

© 2020 Beth Giles

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