Getting a New Perspective

When does a dresser stop being a dresser? Or a coffee table, a coffee table? The answer: when it becomes a hallway storage chest or an entertainment center.

Moving away from the traditional use of an item or space is referred to as repurposing, and it enables you to continue to use existing furniture to meet your new needs. It allows you to be creative as you strive to use each piece to its fullest potential.

A dresser is the easiest piece of furniture to repurpose. One important aspect to consider while repurposing furniture is to select pieces that offer ample storage, and a dresser has some of the best storage of any piece of furniture. Traditionally located in the bedroom and used for clothing, it can be used in the dining room to store table linens, the bathroom to house towels and supplies, or the front hall to hold mail, keys, gloves and more.

A bed side table makes a great end table in the living area. The drawers are a great storage space for remotes, guides and even reading glasses.

A coffee table which may now be too large for your downsized space can be repurposed to hold the TV in place of a larger entertainment center.

Don’t be afraid to reconfigure furniture pieces. Using only specific parts of a larger piece or rearranging its components may allow it to better fit into your space and needs. A smaller section of the entertainment center can be separated and kept to contain office equipment or other supplies. Your large bed may fit in your space with the headboard but without the footboard. Stacking (and securely fastening) two small dressers will take up less floor space but provide the same amount of storage.

Repurposing goes beyond furniture pieces. Carpets can be cut down into area rugs, blinds can be trimmed to fit smaller windows, and curtains or drapes can be shortened and the extra fabric can be used for throw pillows or table runners. When space is limited, rooms can serve more than their traditional purpose. A corner in the bedroom, which was just for sleeping, can now house a small desk for writing or bill paying. A closet designed to hang clothes can now contain a dresser for folded items.

As you consider your new space and its contents, don’t be confined by their traditional use. Allow yourself to “think outside the box”.                 

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