Giving Clutter Free Gifts

It’s that time of year when we begin to consider what gifts we will give to the people in our lives. Giving gifts is a great way we show them that we care. We put a lot of effort into these gifts, but it is still often a challenge to find gifts that will not end up as clutter by the new year.


Here are a few gift ideas that will allow the recipient to appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity without adding to a pile of stuff:


Gift Certificates – These can be very meaningful if you thoughtfully design them to be specific to the recipient. Draw on the information you know about them to provide things like a dinner at their favorite restaurant, a massage to help them relax after a stressful time, or a manicure before an interview.


Involvement in an Experience – Everyone has dream activities or hobbies. Think about an experience your recipient would enjoy, and give them the tickets or admission for this experience. Some examples are tuition for a series of cooking classes, game tickets for their favorite team, admission for time on a race track with a special car, or concert tickets for their favorite artist. They will enjoy the experience and recall your kindness, but they won’t be left with items that needlessly fill up space.


Financial/Charitable Donation – You can help support a cause that your recipient is involved in or is passionate about. When a gift is given in their name, most charities will gladly send a card or note acknowledging them and the gift. The best part of this gift is that not only does the person you are giving to benefit from your thoughtfulness but so does the charity and the cause it addresses.


Talent – Although this is listed last, it certainly isn’t least. You, yourself have much to offer. Perhaps you are a wonderful gardener and can help them with a few hours of spring flower planting, or you love to cook and can offer to prepare and freeze several meals for them. Maybe you are knowledgeable about computers and can offer to help them update their system. No matter what kind of skills you may possess, it is possible to give these as a gift to show you care.


Before you go shopping this year, ask yourself, “Do they really need this item or will it just become clutter in their life?” Consider doing something different and giving a more meaningful G.I.F.T.

© 2013 & 2017 Beth Giles

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