How can a Senior Move Manager help?

When I share what I do as a Senior Move Manager®, people who have already downsized or been through a move often say, “I wish I had known about move managers before I went through all that!”

What exactly does a Senior Move Manager do? Simply put, a Senior Move Manager aids people in the moving and downsizing of their possessions. Moving or downsizing is a huge task. It can be stressful both emotionally and physically. There are so many decisions to consider and tasks to do.

Often older adults making this transition have not moved in 30 or 40 years and need to downsize a considerable amount before they can even think about moving. It can seem so overwhelming that they don’t know where to begin. Family members can provide assistance, but sometimes they are not available to help with this process due to their other obligations or living a distance away. Yet the older adults still need help. This is where a move manager can come alongside them and help facilitate a smooth transition for everyone involved.

A move manager is a professional who specializes in assisting with the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing and relocation. Move Managers can help with:
• Developing an overall move plan
• Organizing, sorting and downsizing possessions
• Developing customized floor plans
• Arranging for the disposal of unwanted items through sales, donations, or recycling
• Interview movers and coordinate moving schedule
• Oversee the packing and moving days
• Unpack and set up the new home

Professional move managers normally do not transport the household goods, but they coordinate and ease the whole moving process. They can be involved from start to finish or for any segment of it. They might help with the actual hands-on sorting, organizing and downsizing or simply help creating a plan with all the needed resources. Senior Move Managers minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the move process.

Senior Move Managers have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and produce quality results. Their services are centered on the client and are personalized to meet their needs and desires, helping them and their families. Older adults, family members, and senior living communities can rely on these services to take the worry out of the move. Attorneys, physicians and even realtors call for assistance from these move managers.

Don’t kick yourself after the move, instead consider working with a Senior Move Manager. It will make the whole process go more smoothly and be less stressful.

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