Imagine your new life

This year we are looking at the downsizing process and using S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y to help us get started on what is often an overwhelming process. Each letter of the word “simplify” stands for a step that is needed along the way to make your downsize successful.

Last month we looked at “S” or State your goal. We talked about how it can point us in the right direction, clarify what actions are needed, and is a great tool to check our progress.

This month we consider “I” or Imagine your new life.

When we are looking to downsize it is usually because there is going to be or has been a change; whether it is a change in our lives or a change in our housing situation. The change in our lives might be in relationships, career, or even just in desires and needs. It might be no longer having children living at home, retirement or just wanting more freedom with fewer things to be responsible for. Changes in housing might include moving to a smaller place, having to adapt your current home to meet new physical needs or maybe creating room for family or a care giver to visit or stay.

We experience changes throughout our lives and we need to adjust what we do and own to our current life, not what it used to be. When our toddlers grew up into elementary age kids we could do away with the childproof locks, because we looked at our changed lives realistically and saw that we no longer needed them. The same is true with each stage of our lives.  We need to view this current change realistically. We need to imagine what this stage in life will be like and what things we will actually need. If your new life means going to your children’s home for holiday dinners, then maybe the large roasting pan and 12 piece set of china you used for years are no longer needed. If your new life with its changes means you hire a lawn care person, then all the gardening and lawn items you own can be shared with someone else. If you now are more relaxed in your dress due to retirement, then it’s time to find new homes for your business attire. Now think about your situation and imagine what the change means for you.

Changes in life occur all the time and often we don’t stop to notice that the things we own and the things we actually need don’t align. The downsizing process is a great time to make our possessions match our new life.

As you sort through items in the downsizing process, remember to follow step “I” … Imagine your new life…realistically!

© 2018 Beth Giles

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