Just do it in June – Outdoors

Are you ready to get outdoors? The month of June is National Camping month and June 10th is National Get Outdoors Day. Do you have your supplies and gear organized so you can spend your time enjoying parks, forests, or lakes rather than using your time hunting for the needed equipment?

Whether you are heading out for a few hours or a few days, having your supplies organized and ready to grab can make your whole experience so much better. Invest a few minutes now to sort, organize, and create a storage plan for your gear.

Sort and Organize –
• Gather all your gear together and begin to sort them by the activity they are used for. Evaluate whether you are still using each specific item as well as noting it’s condition. Keep only the gear you actually use now and replace those that are no longer in useable condition. Take time to think about each outdoor activity you participate in and the gear that is needed.
• Perishable items should be kept in their own separate category as they need to be checked more often for replacement.
• As you gather the specific supplies or gear you would take for each activity, create a “To-Go” list to use as a quick guide. This will help you to make sure you don’t forget a necessary item when it’s time to head out. Remember to always include a first aid kit and water.

Create a Storage Plan –
• Choose a designated storage area just for your outdoor gear. This space might be in the garage, basement, attic, or closet depending on your climate and your gear requirements.
• Arrange your gear within each category according to your needs. Keep your most frequently used items within reach and remember that less often used gear doesn’t need to quite as accessible.
• Maximize your storage space by hanging oddly shaped items such as backpacks, skis, scooters and bikes. Use storage bins to group related items together. Label each bin with contents and use desiccant packets to keep them fresh.
• After your outdoor adventures be sure to put your gear back in the correct bin or area so you’ll be ready for next time

Nature is calling! Organize your gear now and then head out to enjoy the great outdoors.

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