Where should it all go?

Downsizing a home means reducing the amount of possessions in the home. It involves many decisions about what to keep and what to part with. Sometimes the hardest part of downsizing is figuring out where the items that you are removing should go. Many people think that the only option available is to donate everything to one of the larger charities, but there are many choices to consider before deciding on new homes for your castoffs. Finding the right place can make “letting go” much easier. It can set your mind at ease to know that a valued item you have enjoyed is going to someone who really wants it or even needs it.

Family – The first place to check for new owners is your family, whether it is your children, grandchildren, or even great grandchildren. Talk with them about what you have and make sure they actually want the item. Do not assume that it is something they are interested in. Give them a deadline to pick it up or arrange for shipping. The goal is to remove the item from your home, not continue to store it there.

Sell – One common way to sell your things is an estate sale. Estate sales can be very profitable depending on the items in your sale, but there are also other ways to get money in return for your treasures. Consignments shops take furniture and household items that are easy to sell. This takes the goods out of your home, and the selling process is taken care of by someone else. If you choose to sell through consignment, consider a shop that will donate it for you if it does not sell after a certain amount of time. You do not want to have the items return back into your home. Selling on the internet is another option. Household items can be sold on E-bay, Craig’s list, or Facebook Marketplace, but you need to do the work of listing the items and following up. Please be careful when using these services as you will be selling directly to strangers.

Donate – There are so many wonderful non-profits/charities that could benefit from your castoffs that are still in good condition. You can decide which one(s) you would like to support. Some locations take sheets and towels for battered women, furniture for those struggling financially, clothing for people finding jobs, tools to help build homes, and many other things. You can receive a tax receipt through this option as well as the reassurance that you are helping someone else out.

Recycle/Trash – If an item is in poor condition and no longer useable, don’t just toss it in the trash. Find the best way to dispose of it.  There are many places (especially in the Portland area) that take items, such as broken furniture, old paint colors, craft supplies, worn shoes, torn clothing, and metal scraps, and will reuse or recycle them.

With a good disposal plan, everyone wins – you, your community, and the environment!

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