Move into a New Way of Thinking

A household move often involves a new start, a new area to explore, new friends and perhaps even new activities. If the move involves downsizing to a smaller place, it may also involve a new way of thinking. 

Before the move, it is important to begin imagining your new daily life. Start by envisioning your activities. Will they be the same as or different than they presently are? Consider if there will be a change in your lifestyle or responsibilities. Take into account the capacity of your new living area as well as the community and resources surrounding your new location. This process will help you prepare mentally for the upcoming transition as well as help you in making decisions about how your present possessions will fit into your new space and life. 

What are a few things involved in this new thinking in a downsized space?

  • Simplify life – As responsibilities and activities change so do the items and accessories that go with them.  As you prepare to move, consider letting go of items you will not need or use in your new way of living, leaving room for new opportunities.
  • Downsize display collections – When there are too many items on display in a small space, the display tends to feel cramped and does not showcase well. You do not have to get rid of the collection completely, but pick a few special pieces to highlight in your new space similar to the way a museum displays things. If you have a storage area, you may choose to keep a few more pieces and rotate them throughout the year.
  • Be disciplined about using your space – Small spaces are not very forgiving and can be challenging to keep organized. Start by assigning everything its own place. When you pull an item out, be certain to put it back in the assigned location. Don’t allow your things to get ahead of you or take over your precious space.
  • Stay away from buying large quantities – Although this may have been a money saver in your larger space, there is a hidden cost to the quality of your smaller space as the bulk items will fill precious real estate.
  • Use vertical space – In your new way of thinking, you may need to be creative and layout your possessions differently than you are accustomed to. Instead of having items displayed horizontally, consider how to make good use of the available vertical space to compensate for less floor space. You can accomplish this by hanging items off the wall or under cabinets as well as by suspending cabinets and shelving to add additional storage.
  • Research local resources – Your new community may provide lots of opportunities which may help decrease the things you need in your own home. . For instance, if a library is accessible you’ll have a huge selection of books close by and won’t have to take your whole book collection. Check out the local fitness center and then leave behind those weights and balance balls.

Get a step up on your move by starting to see your life as it will be in your new home. Buying into this new way of thinking will make the transition easier for you and your possessions.

© 2022 Beth Giles

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