Don’t throw in the towel…Organize your linen closet

It seems like everyone has that unruly linen closet, the place where old sheets go to hide and towels are crumpled into balls. No matter if we store our linens in a specific closet, a bathroom cabinet, or a dresser drawer, it is amazing how quickly the space can become disorganized and things become difficult to find.

Don’t give up. Your linen closet doesn’t have to be a chaotic jumble. Simply follow the tips below to get your storage space organized and functioning well.

Working shelf by shelf, remove the contents of the closet/storage area so you can see exactly what you have. It’s not very often we dig deep into these spaces, so you’ll probably unearth some items you have forgotten about. Perhaps you’ll find yourself saying “That’s where it was!” or “I forgot I had that!”

Question if the things that come out of your storage area really belong in there. Is this storage area still the right place to store your extra toiletries?  They could be too far away from the bathroom or out of sight, so you haven’t used them. Are your extra pillows stored in several different places throughout your house? You could benefit from grouping them all together in just one location.

Determine if each item is still needed and in good shape. Be honest with yourself and you may discover things like…your high school son has outgrown the Spiderman sheets, the orange towels no longer go with the recently redecorated bathroom, and the elastic on the fitted sheet is so loose the sheet doesn’t stay on the bed anymore. If you won’t use an item but it still has life left in it, you don’t have to throw it away. Let someone else benefit from it. Battered women’s shelters love sheets and towels, even surplus toiletries. Women and children often flee from their homes with nothing, but these organizations are able to meet their need with your donations. Animal shelters love towels too, and the pets don’t mind a few stains or holes.

Begin putting items back into the storage area, keeping similar items together. For example, all queen size sheets should be in one pile and twins in another. If you like to have matching sets together, you can place all the sheets and cases of each set inside one of the pillow cases to create a “ready to go” packet. If you have towels for different bathrooms or different purposes, place each group together. All beach towels can go on one shelf, the kid’s towels on another shelf and the towels for the master bath on yet another.

Label the groups once you have the space set up to fit your needs. Labeling takes the guess work out of retrieving items and saves lots of time. This is especially true with sheets. Think about the frustration of taking out the wrong size sheets only to have to refold the whole set to put them back. Labels also help others easily find desired items or return them to their correct location.

Don’t throw in the towel! Take a few minutes today to make your linen closet a space that is well organized and easy to use.  

© 2022 Beth Giles

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