Organize your time in October

“Take Back Your Time Day” is October 24th and is something most of us probably relate to. With school in full swing and things opening again after COVID, our schedules and use of time are once again being challenged by outside forces. Although this day is set aside to encourage people to pay attention to their work life balance, there are other areas that compete for our time as well. It might be a child’s sport, caring for an elderly relative, chores, volunteer work, or church events. These may all be great but if it creates a schedule that causes you stress or hurts you or your relationships then it’s time to revisit your schedule and align your time to your priorities.

We all get just 24 hours in a day, and we must decide what to put in it. Just like you would organize a bookcase which only has so much space, you must decide what will fit in and what will function well. You could stack a bookcase so full that you could never see or get to the book you want, or you could make it feel good and serve you well. To do that you need to be intentional with what books you place on each shelf. This is true with your schedule as well. If you just continue to add appointments or responsibilities the shelves of your day can become so cramped that things begin to get bumped off.

This month, organize what activities and how many you are putting on the “shelves” of your calendar.

Observe – Step back and look at the activities on your daily and weekly schedule.
• Is this activity necessary? Is it still relevant to my life right now?
• Is it achieving the desired goal (spending time with child, getting exercise, etc.) or is there a better way to accomplish this objective?

Order – Consider what activities are most important.
• Are your most important activities getting the time they need or are they being short changed?
• Can you give less time to or remove an activity from my calendar completely?

Orchestrate – Now you need to make it happen.
• Free yourself from the activities that are not helping you reach your goals.
• Only allow what is most important to have space in your day.

Each time you look at your calendar remember that it can only hold so much. You must be ruthless to take back your time and accomplish what is truly important.
© 2021 Beth Giles

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