Organized doesn’t mean it has to be picture perfect!

What does being organized look like to you? What picture do you see in your mind’s eye when you think of an organized room? Is it like you see in magazines, perfectly decorated rooms with everything in beautiful matching bins and nothing out of place? Is it having your spices all neatly labeled and arranged alphabetically, the kids’ Legos sorted by color into appropriate containers and only 5 emails in your inbox?

(1) to apply efficient working methods in order to work effectively
(2) to arrange the components of something in a way that creates a particular structure

If you look at the definition of organize you’ll notice it doesn’t say anything about fancy matching baskets, custom closets or pristine offices. Being organized doesn’t mean that your home or office has reached perfection and is the envy of all your neighbors.

The definition says that organizing is being thoughtful about how and where you store things. It is intentionally designing an area and carrying out a plan to be efficient and effective in meeting your goals. It is taking time to arrange your home and possessions in a way that works best for you and the way you function. These methods and arrangements will be based on your priorities and will differ from person to person.

We often look for perfection, rather than focusing on truly organizing. We feel that if we can just get it to look like that magazine picture than all will be good. If we don’t feel like we are achieving that picture-perfect outcome then we often give up. We think that if it’s not going to look perfect then it won’t be right. Appearance may be an important part of organizing but it is not what makes organizing successful. Function is the most important key to the success of organizing. The arrangement and way it works for you have the greatest effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. It needs to be custom for you and your requirements, not designed just for looks. Even if you could replicate the perfect magazine picture, it very well might not work for your needs, lifestyle and goals.

So what is your idea of organizing? Is it that picture perfect room that often can’t be obtained or is it having everything where you can find it, a comfortable space with sufficient open areas for living, and a place that successfully serves your needs?

This year be intentional as you organize and work to arrange your place to be perfect for you!
© Beth Giles

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