Memories, nothing more than memories

Downsizing a home and the possessions we have accumulated involves many difficult decisions. Our homes are where we keep the things that are most important to us. As you sort through your possessions, some are easy to part with. Others are harder but it is still obvious that you should get rid of them.  However, everyone has possessions that are kept not for their usefulness but for the memories or sentiment attached to them. When a treasured item is identified the question then becomes: can the associated memory be saved in another way or is it something that you should carefully preserve for yourself or future generations.

There are many ways available to keep the memory without actually keeping the physical item.

With technology these days, it is easy to transfer the memories to electronic versions which require much less space and are easily accessible. A great example of this might be all the pictures of the kids and the grandkids hanging on the wall. You’d love to hang them all in your new space but there just isn’t enough wall space. You can’t part with them and you want to have them all visible. Transferring them to a digital frame allows all the photographs to be appreciated as they rotate through one single frame.

What about the bulky items like the mugs you collected on your summer vacations or the trinkets your grandchild spent hours making for you. Again, technology allows you to preserve the sentiment but eliminate the hassle of storage. Creating a professional-looking bound “coffee table” style book using photos of your special items keeps them close by and easy to share with others. There are several great resources for this service, such as online providers like Snapfish or Shutterfly. Even your local Walgreens, Target or Costco can help you create a treasured photo book.

Still want to hold on to a wedding dress that is aged, a t-shirt from a family reunion, tea towels collected from foreign countries, letterman jacket, or “lucky” necktie? Try using swatches of these to create a quilt. You can even transfer photos or special invitations onto fabric squares and include them in the quilt. Creating it would be a great family activity or there are several companies that offer this service. T Shirt Quilts and Quilt Keepsake are a few possibilities.

Another visible storage medium for your special items is a shadow box. Grouping a swatch of your military uniform, medals and perhaps even letters from your sweetheart into one small frame will take up only a small amount of wall space.

As you work through your possessions remember that often getting rid of the physical item does not mean you have to let go of the memory attached. Be creative and think about how you can create space-saving versions of the things that are most important to you.            

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