Organizing starts with the heart

February is a month where we think about hearts. Valentine’s Day focuses on those who are special to us, and American Heart Month raises awareness about women and heart disease.

But what does organizing have to do with the heart?

Organizing is a process that involves using your heart, your head and your hands. Many people think that organizing is just moving things around in a certain way or buying nice containers to put their stuff in. However to achieve organizing that meets your individual needs, it is important to engage all three elements in the correct order.

Your heart-

First decide what is important to you. Why do you desire to get organized? What do you hope to achieve? Does your heart desire to have a peaceful bedroom, family dinner every night, or bills always paid on time? What is it you desire from getting organized?

Your head –

Next think about what steps are needed to achieve your heart’s desire. What is preventing you from reaching your goal? Are exercise equipment and stacks of excess papers sucking the calm out of your bedroom? Are toys or laundry on the kitchen table or a lack of menu planning keeping you from those family meals together? Are you lacking a good system for keeping your important papers together and processing them on time?

Your hands-

Last, but not least, use your hands to implement the needed changes. You know what you want (heart), and what changes are needed (head); now it’s time to take action. Perhaps you can rearrange the furniture in another room to get the exercise equipment out of your bedroom to create that serene setting. Maybe you can keep the extra laundry in a basket until its ready to be put away or plan a week’s worth of meals in advance so that you have space and time for those desired family times together.  Perhaps you can create a specific spot for all the mail to land when it arrives and be diligent at processing it at least once a week to ensure no more late payments.

What does your heart desire for your home or schedule? Remember to start organizing by first engaging your heart, then your head and hands to achieve your desired results.


© 2018 Beth Giles

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