Organizing… it’s more than tidying up

Some people feel that if they simply tidy up a space, it will be organized. These two actions are actually quite different. Tidying is defined as making something neat in appearance, whereas organizing means to arrange and to make more effective.

Tidying up is a great thing to do if you want to get the work done quickly and make your space look good on the surface. However tidying up is just that, a quick fix, and like most quick fixes it doesn’t deal with the underlying problem. When you don’t take time to think about the cause of the clutter or make a needed change you will find that, just as quickly as you fixed it, the space will once again be back to needing help.

Organizing goes beyond the visual appearance. It digs deeper by finding out why the space doesn’t stay the way you’d like it to be. Organizing takes into consideration what purpose the space is serving, how each item in the room is used and where they are kept. It also takes into account the way you think and operate to make a solution uniquely crafted to your needs.

A great way to start the organizing process is to take a step back and look at your space with new eyes. We become so used to seeing things a certain way or doing things just one way that we fail to see simple changes that might make our space and our lives flow so much better. Take several pictures of the room or invite an honest friend into your space to help you begin to see things differently. Start observing what activities you are doing in the room, thinking through which are appropriate for the space and those you should be doing someplace else in your home. Consider whether the items in the room are actually needed or whether they might be more useful in a different room.

Next month we will look at some specific questions and answers that will help you do more than a quick fix. Pondering the answers will not only make your space look great, they will help bring organization and purpose to make your space more effective and easier to maintain.

© Beth Giles

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