Peaceful Bedrooms

Our homes have transitioned to serve many purposes over the past several weeks of quarantine. In addition to the usual functions, they have become our workplaces, our schools, and even our workout zones. As these additional activities have grown, they may have decreased the peace that we strive for in our homes. You may not be able to transition all of your home back to normal yet, but you can make sure that your bedroom is a peaceful space.

Your bedroom is the room where each day begins and ends. Its condition can influence your day and affect your night. A space that feels chaotic or stressful tends to drain energy and create anxiety. An organized and peaceful space has a calming effect.

Before you begin to organize your bedroom, take some time to think about your goal or vision for the space. Do you desire it to be a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the day and to find relaxation and rest? What kind of activities and items does that include for you? As you begin the sorting process make sure the only things that remain in the room are the ones that help you meet that goal. Bills to pay, old newspapers, products to return to the store, and other miscellaneous items can interfere with the peaceful space you are striving to create.

You may encounter several obstacles on your journey to organize your bedroom but there are solutions.

Is there a lack of storage? 

Storage is a common problem in bedrooms. One great place to find extra storage for seldom-used items is under the bed. Out of season clothing, bed linens, and extra shoes fit well in spaces like this. There are many great bins and containers that slide easily under beds. You can even increase the amount of usable space by placing the bed on bed risers. You can also make sure each piece of furniture in the room includes some kind of storage. Instead of a simple bedside table, opt for a furniture piece with drawers or shelving. Thinking of adding a bench at the end of the bed? Find one that has compartments for baskets or is a chest to hide away larger items.

Do flat surfaces like dresser tops tend to collect extra items?

The bedroom has many horizontal surfaces.  Assigning one drawer in the furniture piece to collect the various items you have been setting on top can help. Place small containers inside the drawer for pens, loose change, extra buttons, receipts or whatever items you tend to accumulate on top of the dresser or nightstand. Limit the items you place on the top surfaces to those that are frequently used like an alarm clock, the one book you are currently reading, and a reading lamp.

Can’t find time to make the bed?

The bed is the largest item in the room and can have the greatest impact on the way the room feels. Sheets hanging off the side of the bed and pillows scattered all around create an uneasy, out of control feeling. Simplify the bed making process by using a removable duvet cover. Decrease the quantity of pillows, keeping only the necessary ones and perhaps one decorative pillow. Design it so you can make the bed every day with minimal effort but maximal impact.

Does this area need to serve other functions?

Perhaps you use the bedroom space for paperwork, crafting or exercise equipment as well. Designate a separate area for each task and create a way to conceal it when not in use. Using an armoire to house your supplies or adding a folding screen will allocate a specific location for each task and its accompanying materials as well as hide it from view, creating that peaceful oasis you desire.

Remember, starting and ending your day with reduced visual clutter can lead to a less stressful day and a more peaceful night.

© 2020 Beth Giles

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