Pick What is Most Important

Last month, we looked at “M” of SIMPLIFY where we measured or figured out what will fit our needs and fit our space. Now that we have an idea of how much will fit, we have the task of choosing what we will keep and what we will let go of. It’s the “P” – “Pick what is most important”.

Where do you begin to make those kinds of decisions? How do you start to sort through your possessions? The amount can be daunting, and the items are probably important to you, otherwise you would not have kept them. It is critical to take time to make wise decisions about your belongings. So what is the best way to accomplish that without being overwhelmed?

  • Begin by creating a treasure list. Add only the things that you absolutely love and that you couldn’t live without. It can be hard to differentiate the treasures, so try asking yourself this: If I only had 5 minutes before a disaster hit my home, what would I grab? These might be special items like a photo album, the locket necklace from your grandmother, a valued guitar, or a treasured book.
  • Now think practically and gather only the items that you need. These are the “have to have” items, the necessities. Select items like a coffee maker, a few pots and pans, maybe the TV, 1-2 sets of sheets, and so on. As you do this, remember the first “I” from SIMPLIFY, and “imagine” your new downsized life. Perhaps you only need one suit since you don’t wear them regularly, or maybe dishes for 4 people are enough since family gatherings are enjoyed out or at relatives’ homes.  A few simple tools like a screwdriver and hammer could be all that needed now because someone else does most of the home repairs.
  • Lastly, add back in those few items that will make you and your home feel comfortable. Be choosy, bearing in mind that keeping too much or having unimportant items around comes at a cost.  It can crowd you and your life, preventing you from enjoying your space and taking full advantage of opportunities.  There is truth in the statement “Less is more”.

Your space is valuable, and you want to make the most of it. Take time to be selective about what you put in it. Starting by picking what is most important, including your treasures as well as your practical needs.

©  2018 Beth Giles

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