We all know too well what procrastination means, and it can look different for each person. It may show up as taking a nap, checking email, watching TV, going on Facebook, shopping, or one of many other forms. You had good intentions. You even made the “To do” list, but you still aren’t haven’t started to work. How do you win this nasty battle of putting things off?
Let’s consider some tips that can help. With your “To do” list in hand, look at the tasks you are putting off and try one of the following to get you started moving forward.

  • Break the task into smaller pieces. Often the reason we procrastinate is that the task looks too big, too overwhelming, or even impossible. By breaking a large task down into little tasks, it becomes more manageable. Rewrite your list with this in mind. For example, instead of listing “Organize your bedroom”, write simpler tasks like “Sort through clothes in closet”, “Pair up shoes”, and ”Purge unwanted items”.
  • Stop interruptions before they get to you. Yes, this means you need to ignore or eliminate distractions. Remove the possibility that you’ll be pulled away from your task by turning cell phones on silent, switching off the computer for a bit (it will all be there when you are finished), ask a friend or family member to help with children, and even throw a cover over other distracting projects. Give your full attention to the task at hand.
  • Tackle the worst thing first. We all have them on our “To do” lists, those things we really don’t like doing. When we put them off, the procrastination becomes contagious and prevents us from doing other things on our list. Bite the bullet and tackle the worst task first. Once you start, the momentum and the satisfaction will increase and help carry you through your list.
  • Set a timer. Challenge yourself to complete as much of a particular task as possible in a set amount of time. Defining a time goal makes starting easier. Once you have begun and the procrastination has been conquered, you’ll find yourself whizzing through the project.
  • Don’t do it alone. Get another person involved in some way. Whether it is a friend coming alongside to help or a family member holding you accountable, having another party involved helps you move forward and keeps you going if you feel tempted to quit.
    Conquer procrastination by taking a good look at your “To do” list, employing one of these suggestions and doing it TODAY!

© 2019 Beth Giles

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