Professional Home Organizing Service in Portland


Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you where you should feel most comfortable and where you can welcome friends and family. If clutter has you stressed out, or if you’re anxious about inviting people to your home, it may be time to talk with professional home organizer Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions.

As a trained Professional Organizer, Beth has the expertise to provide help with household organization, including kitchen organization, closet organizing and more. Beth will work with you to:

  • Offer a complimentary phone consultation to assess your home organization needs
  • Visit your home for an on-site household organizing evaluation
  • Create a home organization plan of action
  • Provide hands-on assistance with your home organization project
  • Deliver ongoing support to help you bring order to your home and peace of mind back into your life!
Complimentary Phone Consultation

During this call you’ll respond to questions that will help Beth assess the needs of your space and to define how to best serve you. We’ll discuss the areas to be organized, who currently uses them and what the goals for the spaces are. It is also a chance for you to get to know Beth and ask whatever questions you might have concerning NW Organizing Solutions services.

On Site Evaluation

Beth will meet with you at your home to explore your space and evaluate your present system, listening as you share what is working for you and what is not. This will help us determine together how your space can best be used.

Organizing Plan of Action

Beth will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive organizing plan designed to meet your specific needs. Based on your vision for the space it will include tasks and systems to help you stay organized.

Hands-On Home Organizing

Beth will physically help you with your clutter clearing and home organizing, whether it is working side by side with you or independently. Working as a team with Beth will help make the experience of getting organized more enjoyable. Beth’s approach is based in sensitivity to your needs, discretion to maintain your privacy and respect for your possessions. Your outcome will be an organized and clutter free space. You’ll receive guidance and motivation until your project is complete.

On-Going Assistance

Once your space is organized and systems are in place, you’ll receive support to help you remain organized as changes in life occur. A follow up 30-minute complimentary evaluation appointment ensures the organizing solutions are meeting your needs. Phone coaching is available if you choose to continue on your own.

Bring order to your home and peace of mind back into your life. Call NW Organizing Solutions today at 503.709.0791 for your free phone assessment!