Portland Move Manager, Clutter Clearing & Senior Downsizing Services

Seniors downsizingDownsizing your own home or working with an elderly parent or relative to downsize theirs can be a very stressful experience. Working through the decluttering required to sort through a lifetime of memories, papers, furniture and décor can be an overwhelming task due to the volume of things to sort through or the deep emotions involved. Working with a Professional Organizer who is trained as a Senior Move Manageris an ideal way to downsize. With an approach based in compassion, sensitivity, discretion and respect for your possessions, Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions has been helping seniors through downsizing transitions for years. Beth will work with you through a step-by-step process to put a downsizing plan in place to help you through a smooth transition. Beth will work with you to:

  • Offer a complimentary phone consultation to assess your downsizing needs
  • Visit your home for an on-site downsizing evaluation
  • Create a downsizing plan of action
  • Provide hands-on assistance with your downsizing project
  • Deliver downsizing support services to help you bring order to your home and peace of mind back into your life!
Complimentary Phone Consultation

During this call you’ll respond to questions that will help Beth assess the needs of your downsizing and to define how to best serve you. We’ll discuss your present belongings and the new home you’re moving to. It is also a chance for you to get to know Beth and ask whatever questions you might have concerning NW Organizing Solutions services.

On Site Evaluation

Beth will meet with you at your home to assess your possessions and listen to what’s important to you. This will help us develop organization ideas and determine the optimum downsizing strategy.

Downsizing Plan of Action

Beth will collaborate with you to develop a downsizing plan designed to meet your specific needs. Your plan may include a timetable of events, packing & shipping information, a new floor plan, arrangements for utilities, terms for handling remaining items, and plans for unpacking and set up of your new home.

Hands-On Downsizing Assistance

Beth will physically help you with your clutter clearing and downsizing project, whether it is working side by side with you or independently. Working as a team with Beth will help make the experience of downsizing more enjoyable. You’ll be listened to and encouraged all along the way as we work toward a smooth transition to your new place.

Complete Downsizing Services

NW Organizing Solutions will be with you each step of the way, providing as much or as little guidance and assistance as you need. When you work with NW Organizing Solutions, you’ll have access to a full array of downsizing services including:

  • A project manager for all contacts involved in moving process
  • Creation of a plan and timetable for a smooth move
  • Sorting and labeling possessions
  • Packing belongings according to placement in your new space
  • Creation of a floor plan and furniture placement for your new residence (to scale)
  • Arranging for pick up of remaining items… (sale, consignment, donation, trash)
  • Arranging and coordination of the moving process including overseeing “Move Day”
  • Unpacking and set up of your new home
  • Hanging pictures, making beds, plugging in small appliances and getting everything ready for your arrival
  • Preparation of address change notifications

Bring order to your home and peace of mind back into your life. Call NW Organizing Solutions today at 503.709.0791 for your free phone assessment!