Sell, donate or give to family?

You may have decided to downsize or move. Maybe you changed your style or removed a few household things to create a more enjoyable space. You have worked hard deciding which things to keep and which things to let go. Well done!

But what do you do with the “extra” stuff that you no longer need or want?
Fortunately, there are several great avenues which we will consider in depth over the next few months.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Selling – Several options are available to sell your items, but you need to realize that most of the time our possessions are not worth as much financially as we think they should be.
• Estate Sales – If you are selling an entire household, an estate sale is a great option.
• Consignment – Place a few special items in a consignment shop where they will sell it for you.
• Online Sale – Sites such as Nextdoor and Facebook offer virtual marketplaces to sell your things, but please be careful as you will be selling directly to strangers.

Community – There are so many wonderful nonprofit programs that could benefit from your extras. It feels great to share your items with a charity that you are passionate about.

Family – You may want to keep items with significant sentimental value in the family. You can pass your things down to your children, but it is important to check with them to see what they want.

Recycling – If an item is in poor condition and no longer usable, don’t just toss it in the trash. Find the best way to dispose of it.

As you continue with your downsize, remodel, or move, consider your options to find the best place for your extra “stuff”.

Next month we will take a deeper look at estate sales.

© 2020 Beth Giles

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