Settling into your New Home

Moving day is over and you are standing amid the many unpacked boxes.  You feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next.  Everything is new and unfamiliar – your floor plan, your appliances, your neighborhood, and even your shopping and dining spots. What should you do next? Where will you begin? Here are a few suggestions that may help your transition into your new home.


Unpacking – You have many boxes to unpack. You’ll need to sort and put away the contents, but it all doesn’t have to be done on the first day.  Unpacking can be physically demanding as well as mentally draining.  You will be making many decisions during this process, and you may find it exhausting. Stop and prioritize what items or rooms are most important, and start unpacking these first. Ask your friends and family to help with the unpacking process.  You may be surprised at how willing they are to lend a hand.


Feeling comfortable in your new home – Take time to become acquainted with your new space.  Being familiar with your space will help you to use it more efficiently and enable you to determine where to put items as they are unpacked. Locate your circuit breakers, gas valve, and water shut off before you urgently need them.  While the house is still fairly empty, walk through and note the repairs that may need to be done. Begin to envision what you’d like to do to make this new space feel like your home.  This could involve choosing where to hang your favorite picture or thinking about the color you’d like to paint the kitchen walls.


Getting to know your new community –Whether you’ve moved to a new town or a retirement community, it is important to take time to explore and get to know what resources and opportunities are available. Take a walk or go for a drive to locate the post office, library, churches, fitness centers and community centers.  Investigate what services and programs are available. You can even try a sample class, as many places offer free introductory sessions. Don’t forget to consider places to volunteer in your community like the local school or food bank. After checking out your many options, get involved.  There’s no better way to get to know people and to feel at home than to be involved.


The most important thing is to take time to relax and enjoy your new home and community. There will always be time tomorrow to unpack more of the boxes.


© November 2017 Beth Giles

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