SIMPLIFY your downsize or Move – Involve others

Last month, we looked at “L” of SIMPLIFY where we considered letting go of items while keeping the memories or sentiments that are attached to them. Now we move onto the “I” – Involve others.

Moving and downsizing can be stressful emotionally, physically and mentally. It can become overwhelming to do it all yourself, so seek out the help of others to simplify it. Those around you might not be aware of your need, so you will need to ask. Graciously accept their help when it is offered. Many of the tasks involved in the downsizing and moving process take time, so plan ahead and line up assistance in advance.

Who can help? You can call on family, friends, members of your church or social group, etc. Be careful to find people who put you at ease and won’t add extra stress to your day. Another source of help is your local Senior Move Manager®. We are trained to help with all aspects of the move and to make your burden lighter. Senior Move Managers®, like myself, are great at organizing the details, seeing things clearly through experienced eyes, and helping you with the both the physical and mental demands of the move.

How can others help? There are all types of tasks to be done. A lot of jobs can be handed off, but some jobs just need to be done by you, the homeowner. Making decisions about whether to keep an item, share it with a family member or donate it is a choice only you can make. Only you know the attachment or importance of your things. However once you’ve made those decisions, others can help pack the items or deliver donations. When enlisting the help of others, find out what they are comfortable doing and match them to the appropriate task. Not everyone can lift boxes, but they may be more than happy to run an errand. Here are a few additional tasks that others can assist with:

  • Measure your new home and your furniture to help create a floor plan.
  • Research places to donate or recycle the items not being moved. (Suggestions on my website)
  • Run errands to drop off or return items such as library books, cable boxes, and borrowed dishes.
  • Provide a meal during the moving days.
  • Clean your old home once you have moved out.
  • Work with the movers to check in boxes as they arrive at your new house.
  • Help with unpacking, doing simple tasks like putting the sheets on the beds and food in the cabinets.

Don’t go it alone, involve others. Whether it is assisting with physical packing or orchestrating different details of the move, seek out the help of others. This is an exciting experience, so allow your friends and family to join with you in both the joy and the responsibility of the move.

© 2018 Beth Giles

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