SIMPLIFY your Downsize

Downsizing often gets a bad rap. However downsize simply means to economize or rationalize. It is being thoughtful or intentional about what we have or do.


The downsizing process can feel overwhelming. You can feel uncertain as to where to start or how to accomplish it, jumping from item to item or room to room trying to make decisions.


Here are some tips that can guide you in the downsizing process. Just remember,


State your goal… the “why”

        As with any project you need to know what your goal is and why you have chosen to tackle it. This will help you focus on achieving your goal. It will enable you to make decisions and encourage you to move forward. Your goal might be to enjoy a new place to live, to experience a newfound freedom & less stress, or to be closer to your family.


Imagine your new life …once you have downsized or moved

        Think about the lifestyle changes that will result from your move. You may get involved in new activities or have different needs. Perhaps your life will be more relaxed so you will not need the formal clothing you used to wear. Maybe your new place will have fewer bedrooms, reducing the sets of sheets and towels needed.


Measure what will fit

        Doing basic math will help you get started with your downsize. If you are moving from a 2,000 square foot home to a 1,000 square foot home you will need to reduce by about 50%. Floor plans are another great tool to help determine what furniture will fit, but remember to allow enough room to walk between furniture pieces.


Pick what is most important

        Begin by creating a treasure list, adding the things that you absolutely need and love. Then begin sorting through the rest of your possessions.  Gather similar items, such as all of your vases or all your screwdrivers, making it easier to compare and reduce the quantity. Don’t forget to ask yourself if you will need it in your new place and if you really love it.


Let go of the rest

        Think about whom you could share your extras with. Perhaps your family might enjoy an item or two, but remember to ask them first, and not pressure them into taking things. Consider donating to a local charity that could benefit from them. If they are not in good condition there are many places that recycle items, whether they be shoes, paint, or electronics.


Involve others

        Don’t do it alone. Tasks are always easier and more fun when others are involved. Enlist friends or family member to come help in exchange for lunch. Hire a Senior Move Manager who will walk you through the process making it easier and enjoyable along the way.


Figure out the move

        Begin getting estimates from several movers in advance. Ask for referrals from realtors and friends. Create a floor plan so you will know what you are taking and can use it to help the movers with placement in your new home.


You’re done!

        Relax and enjoy your new home.


Remember that downsizing will take time, so begin in advance, do a little each day, and use the tips above to SIMPLIFY your downsize.


© 2018 Beth Giles

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