Spring Fling – in and around the bathroom

Summer is right around the corner! That means our spring fling is coming to an end. This month our spring fling will be focusing on the little items in and around the bathroom. We will identify 4 items and provide brief tips about how to declutter these items. Each task will take you about 10 minutes as you sort, evaluate and fling.

Travel toiletries

With summer comes travel and with travel comes the hunt to find all those little travel toiletries. Most people return from a trip, toss the toiletries somewhere, and then must scramble to find them or purchase more before the next vacation.  Here’s a better way.

To do:

Begin by pulling out all your travel size toiletries (including the hotel ones you brought home). Discard any that are broken/leaking, empty, or have expired, and then group the remaining items by category (shampoos, toothpaste, contact solution, etc).  Find a bin or toiletry bag to store them in.  If you have a larger quantity, you might want to keep each category separate in a small plastic bag, before putting them together in a larger bin.  This will allow you to see what items are running low and need to be replaced.  Then find a permanent home for this bag or bin.  It could be in the bathroom, in the linen closet, or with your luggage.  The important thing is that, every time you travel, the toiletries come out and go back to the same spot.

With your toiletries ready to go, you’ll be set to go on your next great adventure. Happy travels!

Colognes or Perfumes

Whether you use them often or just on special occasions, these fragrances have a tendency to get pushed to the back of cabinets or crowded out by your other care products.

To do:

Gather all colognes or perfumes and smell each one. Perfume doesn’t have an expiration date like food, but it can go bad, develop an unpleasant aroma, and even cause skin irritation. Think about whether you still enjoy wearing the scents, and evaluate how frequently you do. Would you wear them more often if they were stored differently?  When deciding where to store fragrances, remember that it is best to store them away from heat & light (i.e. not the bathroom).  A vanity or dresser in the bedroom or closet are good options.  Most colognes and perfumes have oil in them, so make sure to store them on a nice tray or a surface that will not be damaged if they leak.

Now not only will you look great, but you’ll smell wonderful as well.


Almost everyone wears some kind of accessory: watches, rings, earrings.  Some people will have just a few favorites that they wear often, while others will have a lot that they use only at specific times.

To do:

Pull out all your jewelry and sort by category – watches in one pile, rings in another, etc. Now examine each pile being critical of each item as to its condition, whether it is still being used, whether it fits your current style and whether it should still be part of your life. Be ready to fling the extras by donating or selling. Remember that having less will make it easier to find and access the items that are important to you.

Once you have narrowed down to the “keeper” pieces, consider your storage options. We tend to wear the things we see, so look for a way to make your items easily visible. These options may include store-bought jewelry trays, T-bars, accessory bins or creatively-installed cup hooks, peg boards, egg cartons, and many more options.

By eliminating excess and making all your jewelry items visible, it will be easier for you to find the exact piece you are looking for when you want it.

Shampoo, Conditioners, Body wash

Having nice fresh hair and a clean body is great, but having all these products around can be a bit overwhelming!

To do:

There are so many products out there.  Some work well, but others aren’t quite what we thought they would be when we purchased them. Don’t let those “disappointments” hang around your bathroom and take up your precious space. Donate them or empty and recycle the containers. Keep only the products you know you like and use often.

Don’t crowd your shower with many different options.  Instead, try using one bottle completely before switching to another. Designate one shelf or bin in either your bathroom or linen closet to hold your new ones. Grouping extras together like this will help you see how many you have in stock and prevent you from running out or over-purchasing.

Great Job! After this last spring fling for 2018, you will not only look and smell great but you’ll be ready to hit the road for a fabulous summer. Enjoy!

© 2018 Beth Giles

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