Spring Fling – Closet Organizing

Let’s continue our spring fling, identifying 4 household items and providing brief tips about how to declutter those particular items. Each task will take you about 10 minutes as you sort, evaluate and fling.  By the end of spring you’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy a decluttered home.

With the arrival of May comes a change in the weather, the time to put the heavy coats away and pull out the swimsuits. Okay, maybe it’s not time to wear your swimsuit quite yet, but you can get them ready to go so when summer arrives you are ready to enjoy it!

Coats and Jackets

Oh, the warmer weather is coming and we no longer need our winter coats and jackets. Before you push them to the back of your closet, consider doing a spring fling.

To do: Pull out all your coats. Evaluate whether you have worn them this year. If you did wear them, did they fit well, look nice and serve the purpose intended? If you wore one but it wasn’t your favorite or you preferred wearing a different coat, perhaps you could let it go. If it wasn’t worn at all, that is probably a good sign that you should share the coat with someone else that will enjoy it. No point taking up precious space in your closet with a bulky item that isn’t a favorite or a “go to” coat. Before putting the coats you are keeping away, make sure they are all clean and ready to pull out at the first sign of cold weather.

So long winter coats, we will see you in about 6 months.


Yes, it’s a jump from winter coats to swimsuits but before you know it, summer will be here. Swimsuits are often tucked away at the end of the season without really evaluating them for fit or condition.

To do: Unearth your swimsuits that have been hidden for months. Begin by trying on each suit. Ignore your pale, white, “hasn’t seen the sun in months” skin, and evaluate if the suit fits well, if you can move comfortably in it, and if it meets your current needs. Then consider its condition. Is the elastic still good? Is it too faded to look nice? Do you have more suits in better condition?  Once you have narrowed down your suits to the ones that will serve you well, choose a drawer or box to store them. They are best stored stacked flat with their coordinating parts and with enough air movement to prevent mildew.

Evaluating your bathing suits in advance will make you ready to greet summer and the sun when they finally emerge.


We all have them, whether they are ones we enjoy wearing often or ones we are just keeping for the memories they represent. This is a great time to reevaluate them.

To do:  Gather all your t-shirts from whatever locations you might have them stored. Sort them by categories: the ones you actually wear, those that are backups or new that you intend to wear, and those that you are still hanging on to because they have sentimental value. Evaluate all and donate or recycle those that you would be embarrassed to be caught wearing in public.   Store the sentimental shirts someplace other than your main closet as these do not need to be accessed often. Decide whether you are going to store the everyday shirts in drawers, folded on a shelf or hanging in a closet, and then be consistent so you will have them all in one location.

It will be great to see all your t-shirts and know they are ready to go.


Let’s continue our spring fling in the closet by sorting through the hangers. There are all kinds of hangers, some are both user- and clothing-friendly and some are not.

To do: Look at the hangers in your closet. Each person is different and so are their hanger preferences, but no matter what, hangers should always be kind to your clothing. Check your clothing to see if there are hanger creases on shoulders, stretch marks from the clothing not being well-supported, or fallen clothing on the floor because the items have slipped off the hanger. You may need to purchase a few more good hangers and remove the hangers that are not working for you or your clothing. Transfer clothing from the bad hangers to the good hangers. Next create a specific place where you put your empty hangers when you take a garment off the hanger. This can be at the end of a closet rod or hanger stacker, so the empty hangers aren’t mixed in with your clothing taking up precious space but are ready to be used again.

Using good hangers is a great way to organize and store many clothing items so they are well cared for, easily accessible and ready to be enjoyed.

© 2018 Beth Giles

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