Spring Fling – Kitchen

Spring is right around the corner!  This is usually a time for spring cleaning, but this year, I would encourage you to think of it as a spring fling.  Instead of cleaning things and putting them back, take a look at the things in your home and start “flinging” the clutter from your home and life.

As life changes so do our needs and desires. But life gets going so fast that we don’t take time to remove the items we no longer need.  Together, let’s look at the things we have in our home and think about whether they still fit our lives, our needs and our space.

In each newsletter this spring, we will identify 4 household items and provide a brief tip about how to declutter that particular item. Each task will take you 10 minutes or less as you sort, evaluate and “fling”. You can do all the tasks for the month in under an hour, or you can spread them out and do one each week. Join with us, and by the end of the season, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy a decluttered home.

This month, let’s start our spring fling in the kitchen.


You use these every day, They are such an important part of our meals, but often they can be difficult to get to because of their location, the way they are arranged, or because they are crowded by other pieces that have migrated there.

To do:  Remove all the dishes from the cabinet or shelf and spread out on counter or nearby table. If you have additional dishes in another location, gather them so all are together in one place. Begin sorting by shape and size. Look over your dishes for ones that are chipped, stained, or broken. Think about whether you still use the “odd ones” that have accumulated over the years. “Fling” the ones that are no longer useful. Stack the remaining like items together, putting them back into the cabinet. Consider using a free standing cabinet shelf to prevent stacking too high or placing one stack on top of another, making it easier to remove a dish from the lower stack.

Condensing your dishes and having them readily available will help make meal preparation a breeze.

Kitchen towels, hot pads, and aprons

Every cook needs some of these. But these bulky items tend to accumulate and can get out of control. They end up being overstuffed in drawers and create havoc when trying to get just one out.

To do:  Gather all your kitchen towels in one area, your hot pads/pot holders in another, and your aprons in another. Evaluate each group separately as they serve different purposes. These textiles can be both functional and decorative. However, after many years of use they tend to decrease in both performance and appearance. Consider which ones still serve their purpose well and then “fling” the ones you no longer need. Store the remaining ones, where you use them most. Tuck the aprons further back in a drawer if they’re used less often.

It will be easy to protect your clothing and hands once your aprons and hot mitts are sorted and ready to use.

Thermal cups and water bottles

We fill them with hot drinks; we fill them with cold drinks. We use them at home and on the road. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and although we may have tried every one of them, we probably only use our 1 or 2 favorites on a regular basis.

To do:  On a table or counter collect all thermal cups, mugs and bottles and their lids. Consider which ones actually serve your current needs and you enjoy using. Decide how many you really need to keep. Make sure you have correct lids for the ones you keep and “fling” the extras. Store them together in an easily accessible area if you use them often. Put all the matched lids in a small container and store them right beside the bottles.

Having a drink on the go will be a cinch if you no longer need to rummage through a disarray of containers to get to the cup or bottle that is just right.

Kitchen utensils

Whether you store them in a drawer or in a container on your counter, these utensils tend to multiple and it can be hard to dig through to find the right tool.

To do: Pull out all the utensils. The ice cream scoop, the pizza cutter, the whisk, spatula, and so on. Yes, there can be so many different ones. Often we buy specialty items thinking we will use them and realize they don’t work as intended or we just don’t use them as much as we thought. Be honest with yourself about which ones are really used. Don’t let yourself use the “someday…” excuse. Check the condition of each tool, letting go of the damaged and extra ones. If you store them in drawer, invest in a drawer organizer with large compartments to prevent them from sliding around and them easier to locate.

These are 4 short and easy tasks that can make a big difference in your kitchen.  You can choose to do all 4 tasks at once or one each week; the most important thing is to get your spring fling started.

© 2018 Beth Giles

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