Start back into an organized life

Soon we will be “re-starting” our normal lives! It has been a while, and I am sure you are anxious to get going again. However before you start moving forward at full force, take a moment to reflect on your normal schedule. This is your chance to change things up, ease your commitments or shift them to meet your current wants and needs.

Organizing your schedule is just like organizing an area of your home. It starts with evaluating what is in your schedule/space and deciding what stays and what needs to go. There is no better time to clear your plate than now, when we are getting a fresh start for our schedules.

Begin by creating a list of the activities you or your family were involved in prior to staying-at-home. Think about your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. Don’t forget to list any accompanying tasks too, like the 45-minute drive to get to your volunteer position or the prep work for the class you are taking. With your list in hand, ask yourself the familiar questions you would ask when organizing any area of your home.

• Do I love this activity? Or is it just “nice” to have?
• Does it meet a need or goal that I have now? Or was it for a time past?
• Is it the right activity to achieve its goal or can it be accomplished in a better way?
• Does it leave me happy or feeling tired out?
• Do I have more activities than I need?
• If I leave this activity in my schedule, will it preclude time for something else that I value?

Don’t just assume that because it was in your schedule, it should stay there. Remember there are lots of good activities but not every activity may be good for you. Evaluate each activity, deciding if it should be a part of your post-quarantine schedule or not.

Many people are finding that, by staying home, they are rediscovering little joys like more down time, more dinners together as a family, and more long walks outside. What activities have you found value in these days? Make sure to leave time in your schedule to allow these activities to continue.

Don’t jump right back into things the way they were. Take time now to think about what is important to you and to create a schedule that you are excited to return to.

As we look forward to the “all-clear” to resume normal life, please be safe and stay healthy!

© 2020 Beth Giles

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