Staying at home and getting organized

During this “stay at home” time we are interrupting our regular programmed newsletters to encourage you to get busy organizing now. Self-quarantine has made many of us to use or see our homes differently. Whether your home now serves different purposes than it once did (like working from home or home schooling) or whether the extra time at home has amplified your need to reorganize to make things work more efficiently, now is the time to get organized.

This year’s articles are going room by room through the whole house and giving tips on how best to organize that space. As you begin your organizing process if you encounter a room and feel stuck or need encouragement to start tackling an area that has not been covered yet this year, just send me an email at If I have an article for that space, I would be happy to send it your way.

As you begin organizing any space remember not to pull out more than you can tackle in one organizing session. You still have regular life to live each day and you don’t want to make it overwhelming. This may mean that instead of organizing your whole closet in one day, you do all the pants on one day and then the shirts on another day. Maybe today you tackle the silverware drawer and tomorrow you can sort through the pots and pans.

As you decide to let go of things, start a donation box in a closet or garage and continue adding to it over the next few weeks. When donation sites re-open you’ll be set to go. Remember once it’s in the donation box, it means you have already decided you don’t need it, just close the lid and know that its ready to go.

Whatever area you choose to organize, be realistic, letting go of the things you no longer need or use, evaluating your layout and flow for your current life, and then celebrating the wonderful feeling of making your home a more enjoyable and organized place to be “staying home” in.
© Beth Giles

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