The Importance of Priorities

As the new year begins many people define resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. This is a great way to work towards success or change in any aspect of life, including the organizing of your life and home. However, we often have a difficult time sticking to our resolutions or achieving our goals because we have not figured out why they are important to us. We must first take a step back and evaluate our priorities before we can design effective goals.

Before you begin to organize any area of your life, ask yourself what is important to you. What do you value? Is it spending time with family, being able to relax and escape your crazy schedule, feeling in control of life, being able to travel, etc.? There are many different answers to this question, but until you identify what they are for you, you will not be able to organize for your specific needs. Your priorities need to be established before your goals can be set and a system put in place to achieve them.

Once you decide what is valuable to you, write these priorities down so you can refer back to them. With your priorities in mind, you will see your home, office or schedule with new eyes. You can evaluate your possessions and tasks more easily, and you will be able to identify the excess you are holding on to. For example, the schedule you have packed with PTA meetings may be keeping you from spending time with your child, which is a higher priority for you. The “inherited” pieces of furniture that are supposed to be family memories may be crowding your house, so you are unable to have the family over to visit to make new memories. The craft items you are saving because “someday you may want them” are taking over your craft space, squelching your creativity and your desire to work on another project. In all these cases, the current system is not in line with your priorities, limiting the potential of your life or home.

As you turn your calendar from 2018 to 2019, take time to think through what is really important to you. With clear priorities you can put yourself on a path to achieve your goals for your home, life and business and have a satisfying and successful 2019.

© Beth Giles

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